New Miele dishwasher range launched

  • 14 May, 2014
  • Miele has recently launched a new range of dishwashers with the unique Miele fresh water circulation system. Characterised by high throughput and short programme cycles, these machines represent the most efficient solution in a wide range of commercial kitchens.

    The Miele PG8055 and PG8056 are ideal for hotels, restaurants, clubs and schools with a shortest programme time of 5 minutes, whereas the Miele PG8058 is a specialist for cleaning glassware and cutlery.

    The Miele PG8059 meets the strictest hygiene requirements for exceptionally high standards of hygiene in hospitals, nursing homes and kindergartens.

    Miele Professional is the only manufacturer with fresh water circulation dishwashers in its wide model range. This unique dishwashing system ensures consistently good cleaning quality even when faced with varying types and levels of soiling – sparkling cleaning results which even dispense with the need for manual polishing of stemware and cutlery.